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All About The Fidget Spinner (A.K.A rotating garbage) All About The Fidget Spinner (A.K.A rotating garbage)

Rated 1 / 5 stars

i agree, the fidgeting shit is cancer

also, stop using bandicam you pleb

JackThomasPalmer responds:

no . .......


Rated 2 / 5 stars

I suggest using Xsplit broadcaster for recording video because it's free and has no watermarks (gets rid of the bandicam at the top). also, VSDC is a good free video editor.

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BluestoneTE responds:

thanks for the suggestion Zyg0te

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Bubble Bounce Demo Bubble Bounce Demo

Rated 1 / 5 stars

this game is absolutely atrocious, i do not like.

the color choice of the menu is boring, the gray text and background don't compliment the happiness feeling of "bubble bouncing," gray is a color of bore, abstraction, and depression, it's not a good fit based off the sounding of the title of the game, which is silly and happy sounding to me.

why do you bother putting in a quit button? who in their right mind would stop bubble bouncing?
no, but really, you seem to have the expectation that people would need to "quit" or exit out the game, i see no reason for this on newgrounds, since it's just sitting on the website and doesn't actually close anything. it's pointless to have the quit button.

in the help menu, the button for the main menu is slightly off the window (unless you fullscreen). all the text, in the help menu's menus, is unnecessarily large, the text takes up the whole screen. it forces me to go full screen just to get out. it makes navigating a pain for those that don't want to go fullscreen

the concept is meh, i don't know how far you can really go into "bouncing le bubbles" but, i can't imagine it getting very far.

the execution of the concept is meh, there isn't much to say about the gamplay other than it being lackluster-all you really do is touch bubbles and go left and right there's not much else to the gameplay. it's just rather boring

multiplayer is unnecessary, why would anyone want to play this with a friend?

graphics suck, one frame of character animation

you only need two buttons to play this game (and a mouse). so why are you spending time implementing controller support? no one is going to spend time hooking up a controller just to play a game that needs two buttons, it's highly unnecessary.

listen dude, you've got your priorities all wrong, you focus too much on "additional features" like multiplayer, controller support, customization, and a quit button.

you say this is your "first major game project" i don't see how a flash game is "major"

also "a bit rough" might be putting it lightly

I don't know you in any way other than your username and a game you posted. you seem ambitious (maybe even a bit arrogant) calling this seemingly insignificant flash game "major," even going so far as to make a bug report direction.

this game is crap, please don't take it too seriously. you have the freedom to create whatever weird or fun thing you can think of. you have no corporate business shackles on you, don't pay so much attention to the tiny features that no one is going to use. build an audience that wants these features first. create, make, and dominate.

let not money control your decisions, get experimental with your creations. don't get too ambitious with things you don't even know will work. figure out what you CAN do before setting out extreme goals. take this advice with a grain of salt for it is not fit for all. the greed of success will be met with a great unsatisfaction, a loss.

you asked for constructive criticism, i hope this was enough. ; )

-sincerely, a jackass over the internet

Watch That Dino-Soar Watch That Dino-Soar

Rated 1 / 5 stars

Here's just a "few" of my problems

1 the mute button in the menu doesn't work
2 it only silences the current loop so, when it replays the loop, the music comes back aka not muted
3 pressing the unmute button, simply adds a layer of music on top of the loop.
4 in the "instructions" menu, the music goes silent once the loop is done
5 pressing either of the audio buttons doesn't matter because the music resets when starting the game (making #3 less of a problem)
6 the sounds are LOUD and i don't really care about the music

1 The game is ugly
2 the "instruction's" text is tiny
3 the animations are bad
4 the colors contrast, but don't make sense

-Game Design
1 the level design is boring - shooting zombies in a straight line isn't very fun (imo)
2 a side-scroller shooter game isn't anything new
3 the player is over powered
4 the tank is more over powered

1 the game is very buggy - getting stuck in walls - the "e" tank situation
2 Im a bit salty seeing that "This Flash has reached protected status."
3 just because this is your first game (im assuming from your newgrounds profile) doesn't mean that it should be given any pitty points, all flash games deserve equal respect (imo)

I don't like your game, it's boring, ugly, and sounds bad.

i hope for you to make better games in the future with a little more effort put into them.

Good luck, and have a nice day,

-sincerely some jackass over the internet

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ThallasTV responds:


Jokes aside, this game was created using the software Stencyl. My group and everyone else in the class had 4 weeks to create a game whilst simultaneously learning the software>

Game design isn't the best, there are CLEAR issues that need to be addressed soon>

The game could have done with more colour but I used the "Tiles" that my group member made, should have communicated better to make sure there is more colour.

Thank you for your rather Blunt & Brutal criticism and I will take them into consideration when creating the next game in the future :)

The Longest Pokémon Platfromer Ever The Longest Pokémon Platfromer Ever

Rated 3 / 5 stars

for some reason i enjoyed this

ye i know the graphics suck, there is no animation, the gameplay is whatever, but seeing a game that doesn't take itself seriously and making the game feel like it's speaking to you is nice.

though i got stuck on lv 41 for not knowing what the name of the last boss was (LOL) so i don't know what's past that point.

also the bosses completely destroy my computer, better optimization there would be nice.

has a good time

imaking123 responds:

I tried it on a computer running windows 98 and had no problem, I honestly don't know why that is.